Quick weight loss plans before the holidays

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Vacations make everyone go crazy, especially when you have booked tickets for a luxury cruise or plan to go to a beach or a theme park. But suddenly you remember that you are out of shape and all the joy drains from your face. And you will do anything to make sure to look younger and slimmer. But how do you lose pounds quickly? Here are a few simple ideas.

Inspire yourself to lose weight

Losing weight may require lots of sacrifices and sometimes it can be frustrating when practicing them. So you have to develop the will and stay focused on losing the weight. For example, you could stick up a picture of your goal on the door, so every time you look at it you’ll be inspired to look your best for holidays.

Hit the Gym

When you decide to lose weight, you can aim at reducing 2 pounds per week for healthy weight loss. Gyms act as the most efficient way to reduce the pounds. Plan your workout schedule; it could be either before or after your work depending on your schedule. Start your workout on cardio machines. This will rush the blood to all organs and tone your body. Recent studies have shown that treadmill, upright stationary bicycle, elliptical trainer and stair climbers have proven to be the most beneficial machines to lose weight and are also easy to use.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking about 4 cups of water a day can help lose 2 pounds in a month. You can also take water in the form of sugar-free juices, green tea, etc.

Reduce the consumption of direct sugars

Clear all the tempting sugar products, fried foods, and diet-killing junk foods from your cabinets and pack them with real and natural foods like chicken, raw vegetables and fruits. Try not to drink too much liquor as it is packed with calories.

Eat protein rich food

Protein-rich foods not only help you drop excess fat but also control the obsessive thoughts about food and reduce late-night snacking habits. These are low-carb foods so it doesn’t matter if you eat them too much. Some protein-rich foods include;

  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus
  • Spinach
  • Mushroom
  • Zucchini
  • Japanese soya beans
  • Lettuce
  • Kale

Exercise daily

If you want to lose weight faster you have to eat less and work more. An average person consumes 1500 calories a day which the body assimilates only 500 calories a day, the remaining calories are stored as fat. Through exercise, these excess fats are broken down and released through sweat. Pushups, Crunches, Ab-crunches, Curls, Squares, and Lunges offer maximum results in the minimum time.

Enhance your meal routine

Eat a healthy breakfast; make sure your breakfast contains proteins and vitamins. For lunch, you can have a sandwich, meat, chicken, turkey, baby carrots and Japanese soya bean. Make sure your snacks contains nutrients; you can take low-calorie light microwave popcorn. Have an early dinner, eat mildly dressed sandwiches, broccoli with cheese, steamed carrots, etc.

 These quick and simple plans offer great long-term results. So start today to achieve a slim fit body before the holidays.