Sticking to New Year’s weight loss plans

As the New Year approaches you are busy anticipating for a fresh start with New Year resolutions. Almost 45% of the people set weight loss plans on top of their resolution list, unfortunately keeping up with our resolutions are never too easy as there is always a tug of war between your mind and your body. Sticking to your weight lose plans involves dedication, determination and little compromise on our favorite food, as the days roll on your determination starts diminishing and you return back to your lazy self again. Here are some tips to stick to New Year weight loss plans that can guide you through the way of accomplishing your weight loss goals.

Stay motivated

Motivation is your best tool to stick on to your resolution plans. Prepare your mindset to take it as a challenge and pledge yourself to lose weight successfully in spite of any obstacles on your way also remind yourself that this journey of losing weight is not a sprint to achieve in a short run rather it is like running a marathon so you would have to do it slow and steady to attain success.

Choose an interesting workout

One of the reasons why your new year’s weight loss plan doesn’t go on very well is because the following workout feels exhausting and eventually you withdraw from your own workout routine. This is why it is important to find a workout routine that is exciting to stick to, only when you start enjoying and look forward, it becomes a natural part of your daily routine plus you don’t have to push yourself hard in catching up with your resolution.

Approach a health coach

Whether you are a beginner for New Year weight loss plan or if you have problem getting started then you could seek professional help and can schedule programs and diet plans that suits your body type. Also these coaches can lend a helping hand when you slip away from your goal and provide an external support to stay true to your routine.

Focus on what you eat

Compromising on favorite foods is the hardest part while sticking to New Year weight loss plans. Even tight workout plans can ruin your whole weight lose idea if you can’t resist the temptation of fatty junk foods and so it becomes necessary to eat right food that is packed with proteins and less fat.

Set short-term goals

Your goals can be bigger like losing 30 pounds before the start of next New Year. In order to hold on to your goals in a long run, you have to split them up into small achievable goals so that you can strive to accomplish them first and slowly mount the ladder of your major goal

Reward yourself

Though you have not yet achieved your weight loss goal but satisfied with your own performance and involvement then treat yourself with something you like the most. These small rewards can boost up your sprite to keep going on the right track.